Space Inventory Services maintains a comprehensive database on space occupied by UCLA programs, including off campus and residential properties. The office also maintains a library of building floor plans, most of which are in AutoCAD format. Space data reported each Fall to the Office of the President become UCLA's official Space Inventory for the year.

Summary information about buildings and organizations are available on the Space Inventory website. This website is designed to allow users to easily view information and graphics about UCLA's owned and leased buildings and other points of interest such as named courtyards and outdoor recreation areas. It is maintained by Facilities Management's department of Space Inventory Services. As of July 2006, this website displayed information relating to approximately 27,000,000 gross square feet of space in more than 400 on and off campus buildings. Campus users with appropriate security may also access room level detail and floor plans.

In order to assure the accuracy of the data base, campus departments are urged to report any changes in room use, occupant or assignment of space. Changes may now be reported on-line through the Space Inventory website.
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